[ios] remove dup code

API – Model – View – ViewDelegate – ViewController


API’s result consist of the Models

The Model should be generalized and be well defined.

View describe the information of model.


The relationship of each other.

Model(one) – API(many)

Many api’s result can be generalized well defined Model.

Model(one) – View(many)

One model can be represented to many View.

View(one) – ViewDelegate(one)

ViewDelegate (one) – ViewController(include bridge controller)  (one)


Abstract ViewController from View,ViewDelegate

Good abstraction of the combination of View,ViewDelegate,ViewController will remove dup code for same TableViewCell, CollectionViewCell, CustomView.


OOP + Category

// example
@interface User : NSObject

@property(nonatomic, assign) BOOL following;


@interface User(API)
- (void)api_follow;
- (void)api_unfollow;

- (void)touchUpFollowToggleButton:(CustomFollowToggleButton *)sender
User *user = self.items[indexPath.row];
if (user.following) {
[user api_unfollow];
sender.follow = NO;
} else {
[user api_follow];
sender.follow = YES;

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