Self Reflection

Development Area
  • Swift2
  • TDD
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Cryptography (AES, RSA, TLS1.2, https bypass firewall for chatting platform)
  • Rust (ios, linux for system programming)
  • Practice to write daily log in English. (korean -> english)
  • Chat Server
  • Chat Client
  • try to make new service, new platform for training myself.
  • trip
  • Step1
    • swift2
    • write daily log (in korean, english)
  • Step2
    • Make simple applicaiton programmed in swift2 with TDD
    • Setting CI Server
    • write daily log (in english)
  • Step3
    • Design new service or chatting platform.
    • write daily log (in english)
    • report weekly report to my friends

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