carthage git early EOF, index-pack failed

remote: Enumerating objects: 1265, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (1265/1265), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1003/1003), done.
error: RPC failed; curl 18 transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: early EOF
fatal: index-pack failed

$git config –global core.compression 0

[ios] iOS9 App Search Programming Guide

Reference : (2015.09. 08)


New methods and properties in the NSUserActivity class help you index items as users perform activities in your app, such as visiting a navigation point or creating and viewing content.

Core Spotlight

The Core Spotlight framework provides APIs that help you add app-specific content to the on-device index and enable deep links into your app.

Content를 보지 않아도 언제든(App이 로드되는 시점 이라던지) index 할 수 있다.

For a private on-device index. Each device contains a private index whose information is never shared with Apple or synced between devices. When you make an item available in a user’s on-device index, only that user can view the item in search results.


Web markup (apple web crawler)

Web markup lets you make your related web content searchable and helps you enrich the user’s search experience.

For “Apple’s server-side index”. The server-side index stores only publicly available data that you’ve marked appropriately on your website.

Key Technology In iOS9

  • Universal links. In iOS 9 and later, use universal links to replace custom URL schemes with standard HTTP or HTTPS links. Universal links work for all users: If users have your app installed, the link takes them directly into your app; if they don’t have your app installed, the link opens your website in Safari. To learn how to use universal links, see Support Universal Links.

  • Smart App Banners. When users visit your website in Safari, a Smart App Banner lets them open your app (if it’s installed) or get the opportunity to download your app (if it’s not installed). To learn more about Smart App Banners, see Promoting Apps with Smart App Banners in Safari Web Content Guide.

  • Handoff. Handoff lets users continue an activity from one device to another. For example, when browsing a website on their Mac, they can jump straight to your native app on their iPad. In iOS 9, Handoff includes specific support for app search. To learn more about supporting Handoff, see Handoff Programming Guide.

[Lucene] Field Option 정리

Index.ANALYZED : Analyzer를 이용하여 Field의 value 값을 stream으로 이루어진 token으로 분리하고 각각을 검색 가능한 형태로 만든다. 이 옵션은 일반적인 text fields(such as body, title, abstract)에 사용된다.

Index.NOT_ANALYZED : 해당 field를 분석하지 않는 대신에 Field의 전체 값을 단일 token으로 다루며 검색 가능하게 만든다.
이 옵션은 tokenize되지 않아야 하는 fields (URL, file system path, date, 이름, SSN(Social Security Number), 전화번호)에 사용한다. 갈기갈기 나눠져서 분석될 필요가 없는 필드에 사용하며 한마대로 검색에서 정확한 match operation에 사용한다.

Index.ANALYZED_NO_NORMS : Index.ANALYZED의 변형 형태로 index에 norms information을 보관하지 않는다.
norms : index에 boost information으로 index-time을 보관한다.

Index.NOT_ANALYZED_NO_NORMS : Index.NOT_ANALYZED와 비슷하지만 norms 을 보관하지 않는다. 이 옵션은 검색시 index 저장 공간과 메모리 사용량을 절역하는데 사용된다. 그리고 single-token field 들은 norm 정보를 필요로 하지 않다.
(single-token : URL, file path와 같은 경우는 유사도를 비교할 필요가 없지 않을까?)

Index.NO : field 값을 검색 가능하지 않도록 만든다.